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Drying Everyday Garments

Drying everyday garments can range from a simple blouse to a heavy winter coat, sport and leisure garments, foot ware and everything in between.

Even if your company is not part of cycle to work scheme, the daily commute in the UK can result in a large number of coats drip drying in the office. A Podab drying cabinet makes everyone's life better. Although it does not rain everyday Transport for London recommend that employers "provide drying facilities to avoid damp garments being stored in lockers or being hung around the premises." Podab purpose made drying cabinets are the perfect solution to this problem and the beauty of a Podab drying cabinet is that we can offer a solution to suit all needs and size of business.

The drying cabinets are suitable for all types of textiles including woollens and delicates items such as silk. Technical garments like sports and leisure jackets, that have high Lycra and Nylon content can also be dried. Unlike a standard tumble dryer the Podab drying cabinets dry garments slowly and without mechanical action. This means that all garments can be dried and even last longer as they are not subjected to additional wear and tear in the drying process.

The cabinets have controls that allow the level of heat within the cabinet to be adjusted depending on its contents. The majority of units come with a clever "Humidity Tracking System". This system monitors the moisture content within the cabinet every minute and can sense when the garments are 100% dry. It will automatically switch the unit off when dry, which saves time and energy. The HTS system gives real peace of mind, and allows you to walk away from the cabinet knowing that your garments will not be damaged and are safe.

Being able to to put on a nice dry, warm coat for the long commute home brings a sense of wellbeing that everyone can relate to.

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