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The TS 4 VP is an excellent drying cabinet for areas that are space limited.

The unit uses refrigeration technology to condense the moisture removed back down to water droplets that are collected either in a collection vessel contained within the base of the cabinet, or alternatively, if preferred, this can be piped direct to a drain connection.

At 0.9KWH electricity consumption, you can save more than 50% in energy costs by using TS 4 VP compared to traditional models.

Customers often prefer this model for the simple installation as no ventilation connection is required. This truly is a plug and play unit.


TS 43
Article Number 131040
Capacity, Kg (lbs) 4 (8.8)
Electrical Connection 1N, 230V, 50Hz
Fuse, A 10
Colour Grey
Airborne Sound Level, dB 60

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