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ProLine TS 93 E

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ProLine TS 93 E, has the capacity to dry great amounts of laundry and garments in a very short time. With 32 meters hanging length and stable construction, the drying cabinet can also be used for drying rugs or larger textiles such as sheets, curtains etc.

The drying cabinet is energy efficient. The energy consumption is only 0,54 kWh/kg* and the drying time is 64 minutes*.

ProLine TS 93 E is equipped with the Humidity Tracking System (HTS). HTS measures the level of humidity every single second, to determine exactly when the textiles are dry. The HTS combined with the under-pressure door seal system (prevents hot air from leaking out) provides an environmental friendly and energy saving drying cabinet.

ProLine TS 93 E has four automatic programs and one program for timed drying. The cabinet works with triple fans and air-channels which create a perfect balance between evacuated and recirculated air. Reinforced with an over heating protection, for increased security in the laundry room. The removable top panel makes the cabinet easy to install and maintain.



  • Capacity 16 kg, with 32 meter hanging length
  • Energy consumption 0,54 kWh/kg*
  • Gentle drying mode
  • Hanging frame can be rotated 90 degrees and doors open 190 degrees

Optional Extras

  • Hook rack, set of three
  • Can be ordered with single bar rack

* Drying of 12 kg cotton (dry weight), washed and high-spinned to 43% residual moisture, dried to 0 % residual moisture.

ProLine TS 93 E
Article Number 131034
Capacity, Kg (lbs) 16
Total Effect, Kw 9.45
Electrical Connection 3~N, 400V, 50Hz
Fuse, A 16
Evacuated Airflow, m3/h 550
Width, mm (inches) 1800
Depth, mm (inches) 800
Height, mm (inches) 1955
Diameter of air outlet, mm (inches) 160 (6.3)
Weight, Kg (lbs) 235
Colour Grey
Airborne Sound Level, dB 59

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